Use Manufacturing ERP Software To Perfect Your Production Routines

Posted by Jonathan Davies on 31 Mar


When you are running a complex business, sometimes it can seem as if there are thousands of different challenges and tasks – and all of them have to be given equal attention if the firm is to survive.  Manufacturing ERP Software To Perfect Your Production Routines

From invoicing and dealing with customer queries to managing your accounts and HR issues, every company has to keep an eye on a wide range of different processes if it is to succeed. However, when we are talking about manufacturing, there is one area that always has to take priority – the products themselves.

Manufacturers can never lose sight of the quality of their products. With that in mind, here are some ways that you can keep your production processes on track and in great shape.

Keep Your Business Lean and Muscular

Lean manufacturing has become a buzzword across almost all sectors, as firms seek to eliminate waste and streamline their internal processes. Becoming “lean” involves turning bloated production routines into responsive, dynamic processes, so that your company can respond to market trends rapidly.

Leanness isn’t easy to achieve, and it requires a high degree of planning and coordination between departments to get it right. That's where manufacturing ERP software comes in useful. The rewards will be better production quality, improved customer relationships and less waste.

Use Manufacturing ERP Software to Find out What Your Customers Want

It’s no use manufacturing products that nobody wants. A useless product is a bad product, no matter how well it is produced. So the first step to rejuvenating your production standards is carrying out a comprehensive audit of your customer base.

Using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools provided within many manufacturing ERP software, you can drill down into your customer database and divide clients into different segments. Different segments can be used for market research, your CRM team can ask high value clients what they value and want to see in the products, and then your firm can use the feedback to improve production.

Test Your Production Processes With ‘What If’ Scenarios

One of the best ways to find out if your production systems are failing is to carry out tests of specific product orders. With manufacturing ERP software in place, firms can carry out ‘what if’ simulations of complex orders and send them cascading through the production line.

If your processes come out of a ‘what if’ audit with flying colours, that’s great – but there will usually be areas of improvement. With manufacturing ERP software, production audits can become a regular part of your research routine, ensuring system operators are always on the look-out for areas of improvement.

Automate Administrative Tasks and Focus on Production

Production often suffers from a lack of resources, particularly in companies that dedicate too many resources to administrative tasks like matching supplier invoices up with purchase receipts. These are tasks that could easily be automated with the right manufacturing ERP software in place.

It makes sense to carry out a full automation survey of every part of the business. If you install manufacturing ERP software, you can easily zero in on tasks that can be automated or partially automated, and redirect resources liberated by automation to R&D and production.

Use Manufacturing ERP Software To Raise Production Standards

All of these recommendations have one thing in common – coordination. To run a successful manufacturing concern in the modern business environment, you need every staff member working together. Information needs to flow between departments, flagging up problems before they become chronic.  Job tasks need to be well defined, and stocks need to be managed with precision.

Manufacturing ERP software is a good way to engineer this kind of coordination, so explore the options provided by ERP packages like WinMan and you will see production quality rise as a result.


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