Should you upgrade your current ERP or move to a new ERP solution?

Posted by Tiffany Leung on 5 Sep


Are you thinking about upgrading your current ERP software? Perhaps, if you are, you should also be considering the possibility of abandoning your current, dated system and, instead, moving to a completely new ERP solution.

An Enterprise Resource Planning solution is an excellent way of meeting business challenges, of which, if you are already running ERP, you will already be aware. However, like everything in the technology marketplace, things move at quite a pace, and to keep up with current trends and to exploit new possibilities, any business system programmes need to be constantly reviewed.

The danger of complacency

One of the great dangers in operating any business software is complacency. Just because an ERP programme met your business challenges when it was originally installed, doesn’t mean that it still does today. The needs of businesses are dynamic and can change all the time. The chances are that if you are considering upgrading an old ERP system, you’re doing it because running it in its current version could hinder the progress of your business.

So, is your current ERP the right software solution going forward? 

Although many businesses do become complacent about upgrading, one area that is always adding new complications is the business of cyber security. Cyber criminals are constantly seeking new ways of causing mayhem – take the recent attacks on the Houses of Parliament and the WannaCry cyber-attack on the NHS.

It means that it’s critically important for businesses to have a secure and robust IT infrastructure for the software solution to be installed; the software or business system itself should also have security built in such as having access controlled based on a individuals role and encryption of the data stored within the system.   

What's more, running old ERP software could mean you see maintenance costs rise and even see the support side of the software discontinued for those legacy systems, leaving you struggling when things go wrong.

Factors to consider when switching 

The decision as to whether to upgrade your existing ERP or go for a change and select an entirely new ERP software depends on many factors. These include:

  • Auditing your current IT infrastructure for cyber-attack resistance (as discussed above)
  • Auditing your current needs to see if business process improvement is necessary
  • The functionality of old ERP software – how does it measure up to current products on the market?
  • Do new ERP solutions contain new features that would be beneficial?
  • On-going maintenance and servicing costs of old software
  • The EOL (End of Life) of your current ERP

All of these factors must be carefully considered to enable you to weigh up the balance of the upgrade versus change question.

Modern ERP software is the foundation stone of lean philosophy

Today, most businesses (especially those involved in manufacturing) aspire to the principles of lean philosophy. These are the principles of minimising waste, streamlining inventory through the adoption of JIT (Just in Time) principles, ensuring the supply chain is uninterrupted, and the economising of running and manufacturing costs.

WinMan ERP systems support your key business processes 

Modern software like the complete WinMan ERP solution is an all-in-one system that will enable anyone operating it to achieve lean production. It has been specially designed to support all your business processes from supply chain through to production and warehouse management. It is truly flexible and scalable, and to anyone considering installing it, from a cost point of view, it offers a great ROI. It could be the right software solution at the right time.

Learn About WinMan ERP Software 

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