Treat your customers as individuals with a product configurator

Posted by Stephen Whitehouse on 8 May


Customers love to have their individual needs appreciated and responded to. A product configurator is the smart way to ensure that your customers are happy with their products. A bold, modern, knowledge based way to create individualised products, CRP (capacity requirement planning) software will help to hone and streamline your manufacturing processes so that it is best for your customers and best for your business as well.

A product configurator is ideal for companies focussed on lean manufacturing

'Lean' manufacturing is so called because it centres around the elimination of waste and excess. This means that companies can concentrate their resources and energies on creating high quality products.

Lean manufacturing is a great business model for ensuring that your business operates at maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness. It is a great choice for business of all sizes, particularly small and medium sized businesses or start ups that need to watch every cost very carefully.

With a product configurator, you can make sure that all of your products are optimised so that they perfectly meet the customer's needs, cutting out any waste or unnecessary elements both from the manufacturing process and the product itself.

This software is so easy to use

Many people do not realise just how easy it is to have a product configurator integrated into their business processes. Though it is very cutting edge, and based on high powered new technologies and theories, product configuration is actually a very simple tool.

User friendly and so simple to weave in to your existing business model, there is no reason why product configuration software should not become a valued part of your world. 

'Automated' and 'personal' go hand in hand

Product configuration software means that you can give your customer a thoughtful, personalised experience at the touch of a button. Who said that just because something is software based that it somehow cuts all the individuality out of a product?

Using product configuration software actually enables you, on the contrary, to give your customers an even more individualised experience. So perhaps now is the time to rethink the 'traditional' philosophy of the relationship between business, customer interaction, and technology.

Responsive products equals happy customers

A product configurator enables you to create a product that is highly responsive to customers' needs, adapting according to their preferences and ensuring that they get just what they want.

This is a very smart way of working as it integrates your customers' knowledge about their requirements with your own knowledge about your business and the products themselves to create the perfect product. This use of valuable data and knowledge is why you will often hear business moguls and theorists referring to 'knowledge based product configuration'.

Manufacture lean and keep customers keen with product configuration

Reap the benefits of CRP software and product configuration and see your revenue increase. Keep your customers loyal, and provide clients with products that they cannot get anywhere else. Product configuration is the solution to so many challenges!

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