The Components of ERP Software

Posted by Jonathan Davies on 10 Nov


Understanding the basic functioning and the many forward planning components contained within ERP software is always time well spent. Any manufacturing and distribution company trading today will benefit greatly from the utilisation of this modern planner of resources so it is worth exploring. Every enterprise needs to be operating at maximum production and minimum cost in order to be at its most prosperous and highly productive.

It is now possible to quickly and easily transform the organisation and efficiency of businesses with a few clicks of a mouse. Enterprise resource planning software assists you to collect and manage operational information including sales and marketing that is then generated into time and money saving reports.

A well thought out ERP is capable of making your business operations ultra efficient. Gaining a little knowledge of the constituent elements of this first class and current system will help you get the most useful data out of it.

All the various important areas of your sales & marketing, purchasing, manufacture and delivery processes can be finely tuned to increase productivity and profits. At the same time big savings on your material and distribution costs are achievable as well as the opportunity to cut customer prices and provide a more timely and better quality service. Workflow allows for automation of informative messages to customers and suppliers improving communication and minimising errors.

The five major component parts of most ERP systems are summarised below. Becoming familiar with these core sections of this all-encompassing solution is essential for any company wishing to compete in the modern world.

Financial Accounting

This core component of ERP software takes care of all the revenue and out goings of your business. It covers any accounts and a variety of taxation levels with a view to integrating and analysing the figures to produce valuable business critical reports and information.

Manufacture and Distribution

This component of ERP software provides you with a streamlined view of your business's supply and demand levels. By gathering this crucial detail you are able to instantly see if you are achieving your targets. Included in these reports are summaries of stock and insights into trend patterns.

Customer Relationship Management

This equally important tool focuses on tracking positive and negative responses from your customer base and managing marketing and sales pipeline activities. These are analysed to highlight areas that are working and those that may require improvement.

This invaluable information lets you keep on top of client needs and wants helping customer satisfaction ratings. Analysis can also provide information on where marketing spend has been most successful amongst other crucial data such as effectively of the sales process.

Human Resources with Payroll features

Loading your ERP software with employee records allows their easy access when needed for the computation of statistics or the implementation of changes. Its added benefit of incorporating payroll facilities minimizes the possibility of unrecorded errors of under or over payment.

Many business owners use this facility for the planning of working hours and holiday arrangements.

Stock and Sales figures

Effective materials planning and stock control software is a crucial part of any ERP system and will grant you a great view of stock or sale numbers. Automatic updates of all your available resources gives you an immediate answer in case you wish to guarantee an order.

Now you are aware of the general workings of each category the numerous combined advantages to your unique business should shine through. The success of using this kind of computerised ERP software often depends on the accuracy within the initial set up.

As a business owner you are competent enough to personally review the different categories and determine which data belongs where.

Once populated with your individual enterprise's data you will be rewarded with an extremely up to date visual overview of your assets and a strong insight into cost effectiveness.

Scrutinising and refining the finer structures of your trade business plan with this advanced software allows you to be constantly monitoring the overall progress. This can be done with ease and become a significant enabler to more a effective, efficient and profitable organisation.

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