The Benefits of a Cloud-based ERP system

Posted by Jonathan Davies on 30 Nov


When you're looking to streamline operations for efficiency, there are a few solutions you can look at. You could consider changing your manufacturing techniques or adjusting your resources to save money, however using an integrated tool to optimise your end-to-end business planning and process is one of the most likely ways to ensure that your operations are working as efficiently as possible.

Read on to learn more about cloud-based ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, and what it can do for your business.

What is cloud-based ERP?

Put simply, cloud-based ERP is a software houses your process, which allows you to forecast, order and plan out the use of your resources. In this case, it is hosted in the Cloud and doesn't need to be locally installed on any PC, allowing users to plan demand long term and on the go.

Business intelligence on the go

One of the first steps towards making your business as agile as possible is by enabling the tracking and creation of dashboards and reports for administration and departmental data to be collated so you can monitor top level performance of what you want to measure across the business. By using an integrated cloud-based ERP software solution, you’ll review your process and optimise it so you can track and adjust your resource flows on the go. For a practical business, this means better intelligence of how everything is running across all of your facilities.

Simplify changes

Typically when dealing with resources there is often a varying level of difficulty in the steps required to enact change. For example, changing an order may have previously needed to go through several departments including, sales, warehouse, shipping and finance. With a cloud-based ERP, it is much simpler to resolve resource issues without having to go through several steps. You can respond to issues more quickly and resolve areas requiring clarity by checking the system – with the ability to track long term forecast projects you can setup to be modelled during your implementation, to access as part of your daily process in no time.

Finance made easy

The majority of off-the-shelf finance systems can seem complicated or difficult to understand. Of course, you may be dealing with several revenue streams and variations in your incomings and outgoings but keeping track of your financial situation doesn't need to be difficult. Cloud-based ERP solutions integrate financial tracking functionality, so you can keep a consistent idea of your financial and accounting process and practises, enabling proactive planning rather than trying to manually track or audit.

Money saving solutions

Cloud-based, or any, ERP system may not seem like an investment that can save you money but looking with a long-term view it can lead to significant savings. This is because an effective ERP solution can enhance the roles and visibility of all departments in your business, including accountancy, inventory, personnel management and more that are required or used in your production and profit driving activities. Rather than being a further addition to your expenses, ERP system solutions can be used to optimise business process to maximise efficiencies which enable growth. In turn minimising costs to run lots of department specific individual systems, rolling these significant costs in to one.

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