Plastic Manufacturers: Choosing the right ERP software

Posted by Stephen Whitehouse on 16 Jan


To keep pace with ever-growing consumer demand for plastics, and tighter and tighter constraints brought about through environmental issues, plastic manufacturers need all the help it can muster. This is where cutting edge ERP software or Manufacturing software can play an important role.

The various niches of the plastics manufacturing industry

There are various niches in the plastics manufacturing industry that produce different products using different techniques but will all face similar industry challenges; challenges which the right ERP software or Manufacturing software packages can address. To help you to choose the right ERP package, here are some tips to follow.

Tracking and traceability

There is a wide choice of raw materials that plastic manufacturers can choose from. Some are defined by different material characteristics and some by the way they perform under the various manufacturing methods. Many are similar products but manufactured under separate branding.

It is essential to have full tracking and traceability of raw materials from the purchasing stage right through to shipping, storage, and distribution. So, when you are researching the various ERP software programs, make sure that the ones you are looking at can cater to these aspects.

Batch control

The supply chain has to cope with day to day problems such as material availability. It means that new suppliers are often called upon, and this can mean that products, supposedly being the same, may have slightly different characteristics. Inconsistency can also manifest itself when one supplier makes different batches of a specific material.

If this results in changes (good or bad) further down the line in the processing of that material, it is essential to have accurate batch control. The concept is similar to tracking and traceability. But whereas these first aspects are concerned with the journey from source to stores, batch control is targeted at the ongoing manufacturing process. It must be built into the fabric of the ERP program.

Real-time data

The world we live in changes on a day by day basis. The weather, politics across the globe, natural disasters, acts of war etc. can quickly disrupt any supply chain. So, when you are searching for the best software programs to deploy in the plastics manufacturing industry, you need something that works with real-time data.

Being made aware by your ERP program of any topical difficulties in the supply chain, and being given options, allows manufacturers to make informed choices and alter their strategies accordingly.

Take advantage of big data

Big data is something that is being talked about more and more in the world of ERP. The latest breakthroughs in technology have made it possible to collect vast amounts of data. Picking an ERP system that imports big data is key. It gives you all of the information you need to be able to spot trends and modify forecasts.

Advanced analytics

Having collected large volumes of big data, it then needs to be analysed. The latest ERP platforms have inbuilt advanced analytics to enable them to sort through the enormous amount of information that has been harvested and analyse what it all means.

With environmental issues dominating the plastics manufacturing industry today, it is vital to be able to comply with changing demands. If the ERP can help you in this endeavour through its advanced analytics capability, it can make a massive difference to your company's success.

Control over tooling

Tooling plays a big part in the plastic manufacturing industry. Whether it is extrusion dies, mould tools or multi-cavity injection mould tooling, it must all be carefully logged and maintained in good working order to ensure that the products they produce meet the necessary standards. So, suitable software should always offer plastic manufacturers the means to report on tool quality.

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