Meeting BRC Standards with food safety management system

Posted by Glynn Williams on 18 Jan


The British Retail Consortium (BRC) standards for food safety and quality is a globally recognised framework to ensure food manufacturers and distributors are meeting compliance obligations.

Non-compliance can be due to things like human errors, operational errors or even, not auditing new suppliers thoroughly. To help meet these challenges the answer comes from the same place most contemporary business challenges find their solution - technology.

But technology alone is not enough, to adhere to BRC Standards organisations have to have the most suitable technology in place that provides traceability, plus engaged staff who are equipped with the skills and motivation to monitor and maintain the required standards.

Keeping quality high in the food industry is about systems as well as people. How many food businesses fall foul of legislation due to failures in administration, rather than quality control?

Compliance is a constant battle, having a seamless and error-free control is difficult as human error is inevitable. It can get even more complex when it comes to sharing information and good practice across remote staff and multiple sites.

Another key factor is food traceability, where food manufacturers and distributors need to detail all internal processes and working relationships with suppliers. Suppliers used must also have a transparent and auditable commitment to food safety for complete traceability from farm to fork. 

One of the ways to achieve food traceability and continuously monitor and maintain quality is by applying a Food Safety Management System such as ERP software to help with compliance requirements.

1. Synergies from putting food into the hands of technology

The primary advantage of a Food Safety Management System is that it will assist people, departments and systems to work with seamless synergy. It can also be fully integrated with all other aspects of your business operations, making traceability a part of your organisational culture.

2. Constant automated benchmarking against the standards

ERP software can be configured and installed to help you run your business operations in a way that constantly benchmarks against standards. It will assist with streamlining and automating compliance or production processes, saving considerable management and staff time.

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3. Fewer errors, less stress 

To some degree, the value of ERP for food safety compliance is what you DON’T have as a result.

For a start, you do not have as many slip-ups, as many risks or worries about falling short of regulations. ERP software can provide a significant way of avoiding non-compliance or shortfalls and provide full food traceability.

4. Reducing waste with new efficiency and control

Having software to monitor, measure and analyse product quality and delivery can also make contributions to reducing waste or inefficiencies throughout the company.

The connectivity and control provided by well-configured software mean that from raw ingredient arrival to the moment products leave your warehouse, it's one well-orchestrated and auditable flow.

This could reduce the chance of stock and production control failures resulting in both product recalls and stock dumping.

5. Improved productivity

ERP has a positive impact on productivity. The data and insights generated can help you to see your production and safety controls from a forensic and predictive stance. This leads to improvements, including a leaner way of manufacturing and operating.

ERP software such as WinMan can help you achieve food traceability, create a lean workplace and meet compliance requirements. To find out more about WinMan's scalable ERP solution for improved control and integration, contact us today.

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