Materials resource planning for the cosmetics industry

Posted by Glynn Williams on 1 May


Materials resource planning is important for all manufacturers, but this is especially true for the cosmetics industry. The strict regulations put on quality and legal considerations means that it is incredibly important for manufacturers to stay on top of their resources. These are the reasons why cosmetics businesses can benefit from an MRP system.

Why is MRP so important for the world of cosmetics? 

As the cosmetics industry continue to grow, from SMEs to the giants of the cosmetics world, they all have to be at the top of their game. They need to offer the best products that meet regulations and consistent in their quality, good resource management is required.

Cosmetics companies have specific challenges that are unique amongst other process manufacturers. The price of the raw materials they use in products is in a state of almost constant fluctuation. This means that the automation of the processes involved in cost calculation is an important tool to save company time and money. Then, the purchase of materials can become a simplified, clean process through the use of an ERP system, where vendors, lead times and costs can be assessed with a glance.

Production planning for complicated cosmetics products can also become a far more automated process by using an ERP system. Orders and operations can be seamlessly integrated into a sophisticated calendar, allowing the creation of a realistic production schedule to become a painless and paperless process.

Keeping track of everything from raw materials to sellable stock is important; as it will ensure that no out of date raw materials are being used, and no out of date cosmetic products are being sold. A materials resource planning system will provide optimisation of stock levels and for the careful tracking of a company's stock history.

How can cosmetics companies implement materials resource planning? 

The best way for companies specialising in cosmetics to incorporate materials resource planning into their day-to-day business is to choose a provider of Enterprise Resource Planning that has a tried and tested software model to help businesses grow. MRP for process manufacturers is a service offered by an increasing number of providers, so it's a good idea to ensure you're choosing a system that has a proven track record of improving organisational processes.

As a priority, ensure your chosen provider of ERP has moved with the times and recent developments in the cosmetics industry. You'll need a system that can provide full traceability, formula management and workflows designed for efficient inventory management.

WinMan is an ERP system built with both process and discrete manufacturers in mind. Whether you're working with just a single site or multiple locations, the WinMan ERP system has been designed to help you manage your business. Whether as a cosmetics company selling B2B, B2C or both, WinMan will help you create a business model that runs smoothly in the background while maintaining efficiency, productivity and compliance. For more information, contact us today.

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