Managing formulations with Cosmetics ERP Software

Posted by Glynn Williams on 4 Jun


ERP software offers solutions for manufacturers that can help streamline its operations and bring products to the market faster and more cost efficiently. It also enables enhanced traceability in comparison to traditional methods, ensuring compliance with regulatory mandates that proceed to become ever more stringent.

Whether you co-pack, private-label or develop your own makeup, skin or hair care products, you can use cosmetics ERP software to support your unique specifications. This covers product development, manufacturing, inventory management, quality control, pricing, traceability, compliance, scheduling and storage.

By utilising an ERP solution for your business processes, you may experience enhancements in adaptability, scalability, reliability, accountability and traceability that will help you rapidly grow your business.

Manage plant operations more effectively

A manufacturing system is the beating heart of your business. By implementing an ERP system, you will have time-saving tools and real-time, actionable data at your disposal. Significant improvements can be seen from formulation management and your master production schedule right through to comprehensive audit logs. By automating the record keeping and data retention processes, you take human error and oversights out of the equation, meaning production will run more smoothly and it removes any guesswork involved.

Faster product development with enhanced quality control

With cosmetics ERP software, you can track sample progress while allowing different people to work on different formula or packaging specifications. With QC and QA inspection established, you get consistent and specific inspections that collect quality data and generate custom COA reports. If any deviation or non-conformance situations arise, you can identify the issue(s) and address them more quickly than with traditional paper processes.

Meeting compliance goals with improved traceability and reporting

With a quality ERP system, you have the power to adjust formulas dynamically to meet target values. You can automatically generate SDS reports and labels, with two-way lot traceability reports and full control over your audit history. There is full traceability and maximum accountability if any issues arise. In addition, by going paperless, all the vital data is accessible from one system. It improves data visibility, giving users access to real-time, accurate data and can be used to create customise inquiries and reports.

Gain a competitive edge

In an industry where competition is high, you need a robust business solution that drives efficiency in every possible way. Through the implementation of cosmetic ERP, your business process and operations become more agile and adjustable to the market fluctuations that could impact the end user. A system will help you maximise your profit margins while helping to improve processes, meet compliance regulations and increase customer satisfaction levels.

Increased ROI, competitive advantage and improved quality are all benefits of investment into ERP. Overall, it is more efficient compared to traditional paper-based practices in achieving compliance, speeding up the distribution of information, cutting out expensive and time-consuming paperwork and improving collaboration between processes. It is also simple to use, flexible and powerful in improving productivity and the quality of products. 

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