The importance of having a good internal communications strategy

Posted by Tiffany Leung on 26 Apr


Effective internal communications can do a lot more than simply help with the management and distribution of information. With a sound internal communications strategy in place, you can foster a community between employers and employees which will increase employee engagement, improve productivity, and cultivate trusting relationships that are essential for successful teamwork.

But to implement corporate strategies effectively, management must be able to share a company's values and objectives with every one of their employees. In most cases, internal communication in companies happens by chance, or it still hasn't even been addressed.

Even the best-planned business systems for communication, designed to reach all company levels and departments can become inefficient or useless if not managed properly. Inefficient communication management can lead to the formation of informal networks, uncoordinated messages and rumours that fill the void. The result is a chaotic scenario that becomes most prominent during difficult times, where employees spend more time trying to find out the important information rather than getting the job done.

Large organisations with multiple locations are most in need of a firmly anchored internal communications strategy. Initiatives don't usually fail because ideas or concepts are missing; it is more often down to intentions, goals and vital information failing to reach their company-wide audience.

The following is a list of reasons why a well-planned and creatively implemented strategy for internal communications is essential for success.

Company values can be better understood

For employees to work effectively towards a company's objectives, they need to have a thorough understanding of the organisation's values. There needs to be a belief that it is more than just their team who has that understanding; it must be company-wide so that employees know they play a crucial part within the organisation. Through open and authentic communication between employees, feelings of personal value will arise, which will help improve productivity.

Increased purpose and productivity

Employee satisfaction comes from a belief that an individual's work is meaningful, and that they are valued for what they do. With recognition and understanding of an individual job role, as well as the ability to identify with them on a personal level, an employee's commitment will increase and committed personnel tend to be more productive.

Valuable feedback for management

Strong leadership and communication cannot be achieved without employee feedback. Internal corporate communication channels should be from top to bottom and vice versa, to make this feedback possible. With employee feedback, managers will better adapt to the needs of their employees and provide better motivation, leading to more successful leadership in turn.

A culture of openness and transparency

Communication doesn't happen in isolation - a conscious and continued effort is required to consistently involve and engage staff. Communication doesn't always have to be perfect, nor must it present executives with definitive figures. The best formula is to be current, open and honest to help rally employees behind the leadership team. With the marketplace becoming more and more competitive, organisations that can successfully convey their message to employees can build commitment and loyalty, which in turn can help increase competitive advantage.

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