How ERP can help the cosmetics manufacturing process

Posted by Glynn Williams on 10 May


The cosmetics industry is a fast-changing and innovation-driven sector, where scientific precision and rigorous quality control are vital. Within the manufacturing process, optimised production and streamlined processes can be key to maximising profits and growth. To achieve this, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can be used to help your cosmetics company move to the next level.

ERP for cosmetics is specially designed to suit the needs of the cosmetic industry. By unifying diverse processes into an integrated management system, this tool will reduce the time spent on laborious manual data entry or time-consuming paper-based processes and therefore streamline the manufacturing process. It can also help ensure that good manufacturing practices are followed to assist with quality management and help provide full traceability of processes from start to finish.

Efficiency through innovation 

By combining diverse organisational systems into one, streamlined whole, an ERP helps cut out unnecessary or time-consuming administrative tasks which hold up the manufacturing process. Many of these may be paper-based or doubled up across the business, so by consolidating them into one easy-to-manage digital system, an ERP saves time and money.

Visible data in real time

One of the advantages of incorporating a digitised ERP system is that data from the manufacturing process is visible across the company. This means that different parts of the operation can work together to make quicker decisions based on shared data.

Whether this involves switching an ingredient for a cost-effective alternative, or reordering the order of processes in the manufacturing system to reduce manufacturing time, an ERP can provide all the data needed to decide what is best for your businesses. Because this data is available in real time, it also means that your decision-making process can be reactive to any changes or problems which arise in the system.

Saving labour costs

Labour costs within the manufacturing process are one of the largest costs involved. However, studies have shown that an ERP system implemented correctly across the manufacturing process it can often save labour costs by up to 20%.

An ERP will help management make the most efficient use of the labour they have available, streamlining manufacture and making it easier to automate certain processes. As automation becomes increasingly viable with advancing technology, the importance of using an ERP cannot be discounted.

Full traceability 

An ERP solution can provide electronic records of each manufactured batch. This helps deliver full traceability from the start of the process until the product is delivered.

This is important not only because it helps isolate and eliminate quality control problems that may arise, but it can also help meet standards required by the British Retail Consortium for consumer products.

Management of perishable inventory efficiency 

Cosmetics manufacturers can make significant losses if steps are not taken to manage perishable ingredients effectively. Without proper management of use by dates, unnecessary waste can occur. With the right planning and management tools in place, it can be easily avoided.

ERP for cosmetics manufacturers can help with this by incorporating a ‘first in, first out’ policy for perishable materials - meaning that the oldest products are used first in the manufacturing process. This keeps waste as low as possible and helps manufacturers minimise spending on ingredients.

WinMan is an ERP system built with both process and discrete manufacturers in mind. It has been designed to help you manage your business, maintaining efficiency, productivity and compliance. For more information, contact us today.

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