How cosmetics manufacturers can maintain quality and compliance with ERP

Posted by Glynn Williams on 1 Nov


For many cosmetics manufacturers, changing trends can have a huge impact on business, especially in an increasingly competitive market. As a result, more and more manufacturers are investing in business management systems such as ERP, changing the way they manage regulatory compliance and, in turn, ensuring product consistency and customer loyalty.

In an effort to further regulate the manufacturing process, government policies now include limits or conditions for the use of certain ingredients and therefore require total transparency in company ingredient statements. Adapting to new demands like these can be difficult to manage, especially when formulations are complex and frequently changing to meet customer expectations.

Formulation management 

Chemists can use formulation management tools within ERP software to create new formulas while ensuring quality and consistency in the product purity. It will allow processes to be recorded, quality control and analysis to be scheduled and easy management of multiple formula versions. All this can provide managers with the information to make smarter and quicker decisions. 

ERP and labelling

With the ingredients list already within the system, it can also provide support required labelling practices, so that accurate information like expiration or allergens can be directly printed onto the product label.

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Quality control benefits

Ultimately, formula development and efficient product labelling are all part of an ERP system ability to assure quality control. The system’s quality control tools are what make this such a vital tool for manufacturers. Whether it is tracking scrap losses or production process, it allows for consistency across all operations. Indeed, systems like these enable greater visibility which, in the end, help to control costs, reduce expired inventory and effectively track inbound production and outbound materials.

Inventory visibility is a key part of quality and compliance for the cosmetics industry. However, when dealing will raw materials, it can sometimes be tricky to maintain efficacy. As greater attention turns towards the ability to examine ingredient safety, shelf life is likely to be an increasingly important part of a business’ success.

Track and trace

With an ERP system, managing storage and inventory can become more efficient. For example, tracking the use of allergens is an essential part of compliance with government regulations. With an ERP system, manufacturers can track items easily for storage and handling, manage cleans and recall reporting. These systems offer a level of detail that allows for greater capabilities in isolating safety issues and forecasting product contamination. For those looking to increase the efficiency in their production flow, ERP systems, at their core, focus on tracking and service.

To meet regulations audits are required to be time-stamped and computer generated in order to ensure that critical data is protected and properly logged. With an ERP, cosmetics manufacturers can rely on the system’s ability to track audit trails from formula creation to activation status and revisions. Indeed, with an ERP, all audit logs are recorded in detail.


With the WinMan ERP system all business functions, including manufacturing, quality, inventory, financials and sales can all be managed. Through integrated business functionality, cosmetics manufacturers can be assured of the total information visibility afforded by WinMan's business system. Not only does it help keep them within compliance of government regulations but ultimately lends itself to their growth and profitability. Contact us today for more information.

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