Common ERP implementation challenges and how to overcome them

Posted by Jonathan Davies on 6 Dec


Companies of all sizes are investing in ERP systems to help improve processes and move to a paperless environment. However the implementation of ERP is not always simple, it can potentially create a lot of challenges depending on the way its managed. Here are some of the potential ERP implementation challenges and how to overcome them.

Finding the perfect software

There are a vast number of ERP systems available, so it is can be confusing choosing which one to invest in or what is best for the business.

The first step is to have a thorough understanding of the needs and challenges of the business and then give this to a selection of ERP providers for a response. The ERP provider chosen should have experience within your industry, take the time to understand the business and be able to help you meet your business goals. Otherwise, you could end up making a very costly mistake. It is important to ensure you gather enough information about your overall requirements and have open conversations with potential providers, so you can find the right software to meet your business needs and the right partner to support you in your ERP journey.

Commitment from managers

It is imperative that those who lead from the top are fully committed to the ERP implementation. Actively communicate with key personnel and ensure they understand the need for them to be fully involved. Also involving them in the decision-making process will increase the likelihood of commitment. The better the communication, the more likely you will have complete buy-in from not only your managers but also the rest of the team.

System training

The ERP system will only ever be as good as those who are using it, so one of the main challenges your business will face is to ensure adequate training is provided. The successful implementation of your ERP system will be much more feasible if you offer your employees full training and ensure they are motivated to use the system.

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Sufficient testing functional

Even if the ERP system meets all of the business requirements and expectations one of the potential downfalls could be the lack of testing. It is imperative that a sufficient amount of testing is carried out in the ERP implementation to ensure it will perform when deployed. Testing will provide the opportunity to highlight any issues, so they are taken care of before the system is fully implemented and live.

Lack of budgeting

In the long run, ERP systems can help businesses increase efficiency and productivity, but implemented badly could have the opposite effect, which is something that is not always taken into account. When budgeting you must take into account the financial costs and ERP project team members time. It is essential for someone within the company to take charge of the project, communicate and work closely with the ERP provider in order to achieve the best results.

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