Meeting furniture and furnishings regulations with ERP software

Posted by Jonathan Davies on 12 Oct

The ‘Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988’ are designed to ensure furniture manufacturers and producers of furnishing materials who supply items in the UK, meet specific ignition resistance levels and are suitably labelled.

The Regulations cover:

  • Furniture intended for private domestic use
  • Beds and mattresses
  • Nursery Furniture
  • Furniture in new caravans
  • Seat pads and cushions
  • Pillows
  • Furniture covers

These rules and regulations apply to every business involved in the furniture and furnishings supply chain from the provision of materials used in manufacturing right through to the finished article.

Challenges faced by furniture manufacturers and suppliers

Manufacturers and suppliers must be sure that any item of furniture or product they produce passes appropriate fire safety and resistance tests. It’s very important that every area of the manufacturing and production process is designed such that the end material or product complies with the Regulations, which can be a time-consuming, labour intensive and therefore a costly exercise.

If manufacturers or suppliers are found to be in breach of the Regulations, they are heavily fined and could lose their business as a result.

How ERP can help furniture manufacturers

ERP furniture manufacturing software can be used to manage multiple areas of the business such as sales, supply chain, warehousing and finance. In addition, ERP provides the ability to control every element of the production process, which is crucial in maintaining quality standards.

ERP will allow manufacturers to store production and product-related data within the system at every stage of the production process and supply chain. The whole process, from where the materials were sourced, the equipment used to the staff members involved in each stage of the production can be all logged by the ERP system. This facility provides valuable traceability in the event that a problem occurs with the finished product, enabling the manufacturer to quickly identify the issue and fix it.

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Quality control and safety testing

Keeping up to speed with current fire safety regulations is key for furniture manufacturers. When regulations change, there is a possibility that existing stocks of materials are no longer useable and this can be costly. So it is important that stock levels are controlled so that obsolete or no longer viable products are not over-ordered or used accidentally within the manufacturing process. ERP software allows furniture manufacturers to monitor current legislative requirements, keep up-to-date with new materials on the market and manage stock effectively.

Quality control and production management

Quality management is very important when it comes to the production of fire-safe furnishings. Its processes extend across all aspects of the manufacturing process from the sourcing of materials and fire-resistance testing to packing and dispatching the finished items – for total traceability. A good ERP system can monitor and manage all these functions, as well as saving copies of all documentation to provide a clear audit trail.

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