8 Tips to Gain Competitive Advantage in the Furniture Manufacturer Industry

Posted by Stephen Whitehouse on 12 May


Competitive AdvantageGetting ahead as a furniture manufacturer isn’t easy, but with these quick tips, aspiring firms can get an advantage in one of the most competitive sectors around.

Always Keep Your Customers in Mind

The customer is king, whether you make king sized beds or coffee tables, so regularly survey key clients, find out what they are thinking and their feedback on your products or customer service.

Little Changes Can Go A Long Way

Sometimes, product lines need a little fine-tuning, not a revolution. With the right process management tools in place, you can make tiny changes across the whole production chain.

Every Furniture Manufacturer Needs Quality Suppliers

Take time to find the right suppliers. Don’t go for the first and lowest cost wholesalers. The wood, metal, components and plastics you use will govern how durable and comfortable your furniture is, so give it plenty of thought.

Create Positive Feedback Loops

With Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) systems, it allows staff members to communicate effectively, where engineers, technicians and designers can share ideas with ease and any external communication to customers can be all logged. 

Provide Your Sales Staff With Ammunition

ERP can also arm your sales team with the information they need to seek out new leads and promote your latest furniture products to existing clients.

Expand the Right Way

Growth is good, but it can go wrong if it’s not managed. When your furniture business expands, plan every step of the way with modelling software and inform every team about what is being implemented. That way, nobody becomes confused.

Streamline Your Finances

Cash flow is king. With ERP software, your accounts department can be on the same page as everyone else, making it easier to manage payroll and financial issues.

Automate as Much as Possible

Another benefit of ERP packages like WinMan is that you can automate sales and production processes, freeing up resources to concentrate on making the best furniture possible. Invest in the right changes in any manufacturer to gain competitive advantage.

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