5 Useful Tips for Furniture Manufacturers

Posted by Jonathan Davies on 21 Apr


furniture-manufacturers.jpegFurniture manufacturing is a fascinating business, but like any manufacturing field, it is constantly changing. Firms are always under pressure to update their products and processes to compete and satisfy clients, and only the most dynamic can survive in the long-term. Here are some ways that can help your mass produced furniture business to thrive.  

Don't Fear the Future

In an era of technological innovation, the latest technology helps manufacturers improve processes to produce more efficiently and competently, so embrace that technology and don't stick with what you know. You might be right, but you need to investigate your options with an unbiased mind.

Focus on Managing Your Suppliers

Complex products require complex supply arrangements. With many different materials to source, things can easily go wrong. Make a point of investing in supply management tools that can keep track of raw material orders and inventories, so that nothing is missed.

Build a Relationship With Key Customers

Good companies are always customer-focused. With Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, firms can create personalised communication strategies for high value clients and respond swiftly whenever they have any queries. It's a big help when large furniture orders come in.

Explore Process Manufacturing

To succeed in the mass produced furniture sector, businesses need to have efficient production lines that are responsive, adaptable and easy to reconfigure. The process manufacturing tools included in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can allow furniture manufacturers to rapidly change their production systems when trends change, making it easier to deliver products that clients want.

Revolutionise Your Management Processes

Making furniture isn't all about nuts and bolts - it's also about management. By using the latest technology it helps you bring togetheryour HR, financial, marketing and technical management arms under a single umbrella. That way, cascading decisions and gathering information across the firm is much, much easier.

Mass produced furniture companies cannot afford to stand still as their competitors evolve. Hopefully, these tips will help your firm move forward. If you want to learn more about ERP and CRM, contact WinMan to arrange a consultation today.


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