Sustainable beauty: have you got it covered?

Posted by Glynn Williams on 7 Feb


If your business is involved in the manufacture and distribution of beauty products, you might find yourself frequently thinking about your operations, and what systems you have in place to ensure your business is positioned at the forefront of changing patterns within the beauty industry. 
The ongoing push towards sustainability means that any business considering introducing new products into the marketplace or refining existing ones must revise their supply chain management processes accordingly to effectively meet demand. 

Whatever products your business needs to manufacture and distribute this will likely ebb and flow based on customer driven seasonal trends, so having the right Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, solution will provide you with the essential technological infrastructure you need to grow and scale your business in line with demand. 
Let’s explore some of the latest trends in the beauty industry, starting with the growth of do-it-yourself - DIY products. 

Increasing demand for build-your-own beauty products 

The pandemic introduced a new demand for professional style and beauty products found in retail outlets and salons to be made available for use at home. With consumers unable to access their favourite salon products during lockdowns, they started experimenting with their own recreations. As a result, the ‘build-your-own product’ movement saw a huge boost with suppliers stepping up the sale of raw product materials direct to consumers to mix, assemble and reuse at home as they saw fit. 
As a distributor involved in the resale of these supplies, the right ERP system can be all it takes to make, break or excel your business. Helping you to effectively manage supplier relationships and monitor warehouse stock levels to ensure that you have the right materials available at the right time.

Rising e-Commerce sales 

Beauty market sales continue to shift from in-store to online, helped by augmented reality, AR technology helps consumers ‘try-on’ potential looks and colour matches. AR is a key driver in recreating the ‘in-store’ experience online, offering immersive experiences, gamification and a significant contributor to the unstoppable growth in e-Commerce that is powering the beauty and style marketplaces. 
As e-Commerce sites offer lower barriers to entry than traditional retail outlets, a rising number of SME retailers are offering private, white label products online. ERP business management systems can be integrated with your e-Commerce platforms to allow you one central place to monitor business and sales performance.

Products for a diverse market 

With over one billion women aged 50+, brands are increasingly looking to meet the specific needs of this market, whilst ensuring their existing offering is inclusive and tailored to the requirements of a growing, diverse demographic. For manufacturers involved in production planning, it’s helpful to ensure this market is catered to.

Sustainability & upcycled ingredients 

Sustainability and ethical messaging have expanded beyond the effects of a product and its packaging on the environment, into the lives of any animals the product may affect during the development, by-products and production processes. The use of renewable ingredients and resources is another growing trend, with beauty businesses opting to use plant by-products as sustainable alternatives cosmetic ingredients to achieve zero waste targets. 
The new wave of interest in cruelty-free and vegan products, environmentally-friendly and ethically sourced materials, requires increased attention to the supply chain management process. For manufacturers, product data management should be a core part of the data your record and track. From initial product design and costings to aftercare and warranties, ERP solutions offer full traceability at every stage of the product lifecycle.

Wellness focus 

The demand for wellness-related products is also on the rise, with an emphasis on product formulations that embrace a more ‘holistic’ approach. Active ingredients can address anxiety, stress, fatigue and other areas the consumer wants to improve. 


This valentines, why not opt for a more sustainable gift? Or shake up traditional beauty business management by taking the step towards digitalising your operations processes and data.  
For more information on how the WinMan ERP software solutions can strengthen your business’ move to a sustainable future, contact us today.  

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