Selecting the right warehouse management tools for your business

Posted by Stephen Whitehouse on 7 Oct


It can be hard to know what warehouse management tools will have positive, measurable effects on your warehouse, and what tools may be a waste of money and will not have a positive impact on your processes. Here is our short guide on selecting the right warehouse management tools for your business.

Review current challenges

For the warehouse management tools you introduce to be successful, you must first consider where in your warehouse management supply chain your business is inefficient, or what element of your supply chain would benefit from additional support. For example, if you have had to cancel customer orders due to incorrect stock levels, investment into a stock management tools that has features such as automated stock control where a purchase order is issued when your inventory hits a certain level.

Settings goals

You may find that there are no prominent issues within your warehouse but would like it to work more efficiently and meet more ambitious goals. To establish what tools would help you to achieve higher goals, you must first determine what they are. For example, you may want to improve employee retention or increase how many deliveries you ship from your warehouse daily. Once you have established these goals, you can decide what new warehouse management tools will help you to achieve them.

Speak to relevant individuals

If you are struggling to set goals for your warehouse, speak to stakeholders within your business and ask them how they would like to see the warehouse improved. As it will help you to clarify what areas of your warehouse need improvement.

Take the time to speak to individual employees who work on the warehouse floor. Employees will be able to provide insight into the warehouse operations and may be able to suggest areas where the supply chain could be improved. For example, a warehouse employee may point out how communication between departments is often difficult, revealing the need for warehouse management tools that streamline and unify communication.

Compare systems thoroughly

Each warehouse is different, so the tools which work for one, may not benefit another. While word of mouth recommendations are helpful, you must carefully compare WMS systems against your business challenges and needs to ensure you purchase the warehouse management tools that will benefit your business. If you have plans to grow and expand your business, you will need to consider warehouse tools that are scalable and flexible, ensuing they can accommodate a growing company. To guarantee you choose the right warehouse management tools for your business, it is essential you not only compare systems against one another but against the needs of your warehouse specifically.

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At WinMan, we provide warehouse management tools that are built-in our comprehensive ERP solutions. They can help improve your workflows and communication with customers and suppliers and link your departments together. Our solutions can deliver real-time shop floor insights and ensure you can trace a product from the moment it enters your warehouse. For more information about any of our system functionalities, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We can deliver scalable solutions that optimise and streamline your warehouse.

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