Selecting an ERP for batch process manufacturing

Posted by Glynn Williams on 5 Feb


Batch processing is all about precision, organisation and efficiency – and manufacturers should always seek to enhance all three aspects of their business. It is an industry that can benefit enormously from Enterprise Resource Planning, more commonly referred to as ERP, due to its ability to provide traceability.

Just in time

Just in time (JIT), stock control is hugely beneficial to batch process manufacturers because it minimises overstock and waste. Rather than buying large stocks of materials in advance - ERP systems that have JIT processing will order quantities based on what is required per batch, so the materials are being brought in just in time.

Lean manufacturing

There needs to be a balance of supply of materials and scheduled production. Each production batch should be made as efficiently as possible, where waste should be minimal.

Therefore, to succeed, batch process manufacturing needs a precise system of controls. Precise both in terms of procuring raw materials and components, setting up the production process, running production, and ensuring any plant and equipment is appropriately maintained and serviced to eliminate the possibility of machine failure and downtime.

What to look for when selecting an ERP system

One of the ways of ensuring all these prerequisites are met is to install and utilise an ERP system with formula management. When selecting the right ERP system for your operations look for a system that is most suitable to help met your main challenges and where users can monitor and have complete control over every single aspect of your operations.

ERP will have the ability to help manufacturers employ JIT techniques and to achieve the leanest possible processes. It is also capable of managing other disciplines such as finance, warehouse management and customer relations.

When an ERP system is correctly installed and operated, it can maximise efficiencies across the operations. It will deliver the best possible result in terms of efficient batch process manufacturing.

Control, control, control

Keeping precise control over the whole operation involved in the cycle can be complex. From purchasing and planning, through to inventory control, manufacturing and quality assurance is fundamental to companies being able to have a lean manufacturing environment.

When an ERP system is utilised throughout the operations, it can be used to highlight any potential issues. It allows manufacturers to find the most efficient way forward and to optimise savings in terms of the costs of production.

To operate a JIT based batch process manufacturing system manually would take an enormous amount of time and expertise. It would be susceptible to faults and delays, all of which would invalidate the JIT philosophy and minimise any lean outcomes. The only way to guarantee a faultless process is by selecting and installing the right type of ERP system.

If you would like to find out more about WinMan ERP system features, the transition journey and the benefits it will bring once it is up and running, contact us today.

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