How to modernise your business with a cloud-based ERP system

Posted by WinMan on 6 Sep


Many businesses operating in the manufacturing industry are still relying on manual processes, but today there are options available that can save both time and money. Considering new technology can be key to your business remaining resilient, in a competitive sector, those that are unable to stay in step with their competition can easily be left behind.

In this article, we will investigate cloud-based ERP systems, defining them, listing the numerous benefits that come with them, and explaining how they can revolutionise the way you operate.

What is a cloud-based ERP system?

In technical terms, a cloud-based ERP system is based on the foundation of ‘Software as a Service,’ commonly referred to as SaaS. Empowering users to access a dedicated Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP software online, often which has been aligned to your business practices. Typically, cloud-based ERP systems will offer lower upfront costs as the computing hardware used by on-premise solutions are not required and therefore do not need to be purchased, installed or maintained on-site, instead remote data centre capacity is leased on a monthly or annual basis instead.

What are the benefits of a cloud-based solution?

Cloud-based ERP systems help you take a stable approach to key areas of your production schedule, from guaranteeing efficiency and output to reducing wastage. All of these advantages add up in the long run as savings in both money and time, but there are also many other benefits too.

Manufacturers looking for an overview will find all aspects of their process fully integrated and easy to observe from one place. This includes the ability to build both detailed and tailored reporting as well as the ability to assess success and make new plans. Cloud-based ERP systems also offer next-generation security, protecting your company and your customer data through powerful encryptions.

Delivered via a subscription, cloud-based ERP systems are far less expensive to run than on-premise solutions and offer companies of all shapes and sizes with greater scalability. as the system is located in the cloud, an ERP can be adjusted to meet your manufacturing operation’s requirements quickly and easily, making it ideal for SMEs that are expanding and expecting growth.

How can a cloud-based system change your operations?

The recent coronavirus crisis has shone a light on how companies operate, separating industries based on demand which also has an impact on whether a company is likely to survive or not. Among the key challenges for many manufacturing businesses has been the ability to try and continue to provide a seamless service to their customers when staff have had no choice but to work from home.

Cloud-based systems are ideal for this exact scenario, with remote workers able to access vital information without ever being on-site or in an office. Cloud-based systems are accessible via an internet connection and a web browser, making it really easy to support businesses during this time. With the UK now emerging from several lockdowns, the ability of a system to work flexibly is extremely useful. Whether your team is out on the road or out of the country, they can enjoy instant access and up-to-the-minute data. With a cloud-based ERP system you can control your business and access your information on any device, anytime from anywhere in the world.

In digitising business-critical processes from inventory to sales order processing, you will find that you have more accurate information to base your decision-making on, and that you or your team can focus on the most important tasks. Digitalisation is an opportunity for you to streamline your production processes or work towards expansion, informed by data from your very own cloud-based ERP software.

Do you need an ERP solution to modernise your manufacturing operations?

If you are looking at the industry news and wondering whether your business could benefit from an ERP software, the team at WinMan is here to help. Take control of your business, access the latest technology that enables you to also become more IT savvy at the heart of your digital journey. WinMan ERP has been designed to be adapted and tailed to match the manufacturing needs of your business, a strong foundation to growth.

Contact the team today to begin your journey from manual to cloud-based business operations and stay at the forefront of your field.

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