Furniture Industries are Embracing the Future of Smart Technologies

Posted by Emma Hill on 24 Jan


The furniture industry is rapidly evolving with smart technology enhancing the standard of basic furniture into advanced solutions, for example from manual reclining chairs to electric reclining chairs, some now even come equipped with charging points. The furniture industry is heavily focused on meeting and exceeding customer expectations. With the power of AI, the industry is expected to continue to grow rapidly over the next 10 years. In this blog, we will discuss the advantages that technology brings to the furniture industry.

Furniture designers have been thinking outside of the box in recent years by utilising technology around them to not only grow their businesses but also to ensure they are meeting the ever-increasing expectations of consumers. This shift towards innovation has significantly improved the quality of life and introduced health benefits as well. For instance, the seemingly ordinary desk has been transformed into being height adjustable with the power of electronic actuators. This innovation translates to a host of benefits for users, including improved posture, heightened productivity and even the opportunity to burn calories while working.

As health and wellness is gaining high recognition it is no surprise that individuals are increasingly conscious of their overall well-being with an emphasis on mental health. Furniture companies are recognising that sleep plays a crucial role in mental health, therefore, smart furniture has now started incorporating health monitoring features such as Mattresses that can track your sleep patterns and heart rate. Even chairs can provide posture feedback too. Features like these are invaluable to people’s health.

Smart furniture keeps the convenience of the customer at the forefront of its design philosophy. It is all about making everyday life easier and more enjoyable for consumers. This is achieved through the automation of various tasks, a feature that resonates deeply with those who appreciate a seamless and effortless daily routine. But that is not all.Furniture_Manufacturer_ERP_Software_WinMan

Smart Furniture goes beyond mere convenience; it embodies a vision of a lifestyle where technology seamlessly integrates into every aspect of our lives. It is about creating a world where your living space responds to your needs, promoting wellness, productivity and relaxation. As we journey further into the future of furniture it is evident that the industry is setting new standards for what is possible, making our homes smarter and our lives more comfortable.

Is your business ready to keep up with this change?

As we start to interact with our living spaces differently, due to smart furniture, businesses must adapt and evolve with the times. As technology revolutionises our homes, it is only natural this will have an impact on the way we operate businesses.

Implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)  system doesn’t just manage your production process but can also manage sales orders from retail stores and websites that you may have. Creating clear quotes that are easily converted into sales orders makes the customer journey a smooth process and provides accurate delivery times. Furthermore, you can utilise customer relationship management or CRM features within an ERP system to manage your customers and keep in touch with them. Leading to repeat business and improving communication. Customer service is the key to brand loyalty.

Having an ERP system in place is your gateway to staying ahead within the industry. It is more than just software, it is a strategic tool to help your business navigate around the complexities of this evolving market. With the integration of smart technologies and the ever-increasing reliance on data to make informed decisions, ERP is the answer to optimising your business operations, streamlining your processes ensuring you stay competitive in the smart furniture industry.

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