Business Efficiency: Expectations vs Reality

Posted by Stephen Whitehouse on 29 Oct


When running a business, efficiency should always be one of the main priorities, as profits and business viability can depend on it. But expectations need to be managed carefully, as usually, the reality can be different from what you expect. Your management team is vitally important to carry this out effectively, as they are tasked with integrating all your business’s processes and aligning them with your goal and vision.

However, it’s not just dependent on your management, employees will also need to be on board, and this can be difficult, especially if they don’t take it seriously. Many employees often don’t see themselves as an integral part of the organisation and treat the job as a means to an end. Multiple layers of management can be one of the causes of this, as the complex hierarchy can make staff feel not involved and removed from the decision-making process. Everyone needs to be working as one unit, in unison with each other.

Employees without the right corporate mindset can be due to a lack of motivation, a lack of clear objectives which they do not understand, or they might not even know what the objectives are. Somewhere along the line, things can break down, and this will lead to a marked drop in business efficiency. So how does a savvy, forward-thinking manager let their team know how they are achieving and how their role makes a difference to the business overall?

It is down to HR and management to overcome these perceptions and grease the wheels of your organisation to increase efficiency and employee engagement. The management team should be adept at communicating your business strategy throughout the organisation, reinforcing each team’s accountability.

Here are some strategies that you can employ to help manage expectations are:

  • Implementing efficient reporting processes - Having informative reports helps builds clarity, focus, ownership, and accountability of tasks and responsibilities.
  • Centralised data source to reduce multiple data entry and improve accuracy - This will reduce confusion in your teams and reduce the time spent on finding the correct information from multiple data sources. Your management team can move quickly on the matters that may require their attention.
  • Creating transparency at an individual and corporate level - Increases accessibility and motivates the team as they see the management as accessible and approachable, which helps them to open up about anything that may be amiss in your corporate structure and strategy.
  • Providing current and timely performance reports - This will help employees and management keep abreast of how the organisation is performing overall and make them feel a part of the business rather than just a “cog in the wheel”. Include metrics of individual performance in these reports.


Not only can external influences affect the markets and customers, but it can also affect your team - for example, economic uncertainty can affect motivation. By actively motivating and engaging your team, you can limit the effect of external influences, improve efficiency, productivity and employee satisfaction. It's not just about money with a business - your employees are one of your most valuable assets.

By taking the time to care about your employees and understanding their unique needs and wants, they will pay you back in dividends through productivity. By taking the right approach to your organisation in all possible ways with a forward-thinking management structure, your efficiency will increase exponentially, and your expectations will be aligned with the reality of your business.

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