Benefits of ERP for the plastics manufacturing industry

Posted by Stephen Whitehouse on 2 Oct


With the constant growth in the plastics manufacturing industry, there comes a perpetual need to increase output effectively. As higher demands rise, so does the strain on your business resources. One way to manage the work is with the use of robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Having a refined business system in place that governs every aspect of your workflow will reduce loss, increase productivity, and maximise profits.

ERP software covers every aspect of your business needs, from the design and manufacturing process to accounting, estimations, and customer service management. Having this level of integration helps to ease the passage from one process to the next. These are the benefits of investing in ERP software for manufacturing plastics: -  

Design times are reduced

When it comes to plastics, your business possibly handles a variety of different customers, with varying needs. The design process can be slow, however using ERP software, can be improved. You will be able to map the customer's needs into your plans, while also factoring in what is technically possible.

Reduced margin of error

Mistakes cost businesses money. Miscalculations at the design stage or missing some vital information about the customer's specific requirements can lead to overspends. WinMan allows you to keep better track of these details and make accurate calculations that do not impact on your profits.

Accurate pricing

Your customers want accurate quotations before placing orders. Having the ability to factor in the constraints on pricing will help you create this, and a bill of materials that can be issued promptly and accurately. Quotes can be generated and delivered within a tighter time frame too, which is better for the customer, and your business.

Improve lead times

An efficient workflow will mean that customers will be able to receive their goods within a tighter turnaround. The ability to offer reduced lead times will bring about new customers, as well as repeat orders. Having a quick turnaround frees you up to take on more business too.

Effective production management scheduling

Each new customer order often comes with a different set of production challenges. Using manufacturing ERP software, you can plan the most efficient way of producing a specific design. The system will allow you to schedule tasks and manage resources, meaning every aspect of the entire project can be maintained in detail.

Monitor consumption of materials

One area where businesses can lose money within the production process is waste. Where discrepancies are found in the weight of raw material compared with the output product, ERP can help reconcile this. Using accurate data, you can set specific waste targets to help you keep tighter control of your production costs.

Manage your tooling process 

Your business will be handling multiple jobs at any one time, and ERP software can help with blanking off. You'll also be able to track the lifespan of your tools, allowing you to service or retool them as required.

Quality control 

An area of the manufacturing process that is vital is quality control. Having the best systems in place will allow you to offer your services to the customer with confidence. Your ERP software can manage the quality control process, by storing batch information, and quality control certificates digitally. Retracing any specific issues will be a swifter process.

WinMan ERP software is an all-in-one system that can cater for Plastic Manufacturer's unique requirements. Contact us to find out more. 


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