4 Ways to Make Your Business As Competitive As Possible

Posted by Jonathan Davies on 28 Jan


Businesses should always be seeking out advantages over their competitors. In a war of all against all, the most efficient, leanest, best organised company will generally win. 

Any tool that can rationalise your processes and help every employee be more productive should be adopted as soon as possible for the battle of business survival. So here are some tips to help improve your competitive advantage.

Carry Out a Comprehensive Training Audit  competitiveadvantage.jpg

Human capital is a major factor in business success. When a workforce is properly trained for the job in hand and motivated, they can achieve great things. On the other hand, if you are using out of date processes and failing to continuously improve the skills of your employees, this can have a damaging effect on performance and can deter skilled staff from the company. 

To lower the risk of losing skilled staff to competitors and ensure that every team member is equipped with the knowledge and skill set they need by carrying out an enterprise-wide skills and training audit. Reassess job descriptions and tasks in the light of the latest technology and make the investment needed to bring everyone up to speed.

Give Yourself a Boost with Technological Modernisation

If you are a small or medium sized manufacturer, having the latest production line equipment or IT systems in place could make or break your company. In a world of just-in-time deliveries and ever more demanding clients, it is the companies who can fill orders capably and quickly who will endure. This requires the latest machinery and slick IT systems.

If you are concerned about your technological level, it makes sense to enlist the skills of an IT consultant to audit your equipment, or to use your in-house expertise. Don’t be afraid to take a leap with your investment strategy.

Get the Online Basics Right

Few companies can avoid the internet in their business operations, but not all of them get online marketing right. Give yourself a competitive leg-up by taking some time to devise a streamlined sales funnel and perfect your online branding. Take advantage of the opportunities presented by social media and rise up the search engine rankings with savvy use of SEO techniques. 

Nowadays, search rankings can make a huge difference, even to B2B companies as often potential buyers have already researched the company before making contact – so getting your content strategy in place can help you win big both online and offline.

Reorganise Your Processes with a Business Management System

Organisation is crucial in the world of business. When firms lose control of their departments, bad things follow – from poor invoicing to low staff morale and clumsy customer relationship management.

If you find that communication between departments is fragmented, it might be time to invest in business management system such as Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP). ERP brings all of your key processes under one umbrella – giving managers complete oversight and allowing them to make informed decisions. Data about sales, accounts, inventories – all of the major metrics that businesses worry about – are available to analyse and act upon within one system.

ERP packages such as those offered by WinMan can make a huge difference to your competitive position and represent excellent value for money. When implemented along with the steps suggested above, they could be the difference between a bountiful year and a struggle to survive.

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