Quick and simple ways to boost workplace productivity

Posted by Tiffany Leung on 31 Jan


Every organisation must be driven by efficiency and achievement in the form of tangible results. Less productive inputs will inevitably affect businesses and jeopardise its sustainability. As a result, workplace productivity is a major concern for most companies.

Low productivity cannot be solely blamed on employees. Much of it has to do with the work environment alongside other factors. Below are several simple ways that an organisation can improve workplace productivity.

Make everyone accountable

Holding employees accountable for meeting objectives is very important. A great way to achieve this is ensuring that they know exactly what is expected of them. The employees should also feel comfortable inquiring about the same. Employee engagement empowers them to take full responsibility for their role. It also eliminates the habit of deflecting accountability onto fellow colleagues.

Avoid micromanagement

While employees need to be given clear directions, micromanaging every single aspect is never helpful. Leaders should provide clear instructions and trust employees to carry the day-to-day tasks.

Employees will sometimes have their own methods. They may differ from your preferred method but can be just as good. Different work styles can help to create a diverse and learning environment. Overall, this will be beneficial for the organisation as it increases efficiency.

Have the right tools

Your employees cannot do their best work if they lack the necessary tools. High quality, modern applications and systems can make a big difference to the workforce. You can increase efficiency by implementing the right business systems. One notable business system that can improve productivity is the Enterprise Resource Planning system.

An ERP system will help all departments of the organisation communicate more efficiently. It also provides real-time visibility into operations, automation of redundant processes as well as tools and data needed by employees. ERP and other business tools can make department collaboration easier, thus boosting productivity.

Recognise and encourage good work

Numerous studies have shown recognition from management can mean more to an employee than even material incentives, although, of course, financial rewards and other incentives are a great way to reward performance. Ensure that you seek out employees when they perform well in their roles. Appreciation can do a lot to motivate the workforce, as a happy employee is a performing employee.

Avoid meetings

Do not have meetings for the sake of having meetings. If your employees spend all their time attending meetings, they will not be productive. Unnecessary meetings can lead to tasks being left incomplete or forgotten due to time constraints. Keep meetings short and relevant if you must have them.

Agile working

Many companies today are adopting practices such as 'agile working' to great effect. Small teams plan a “sprint” of the tasks they will complete over a set period like a week or fortnight. This frees up some time for any ad hoc tasks that may arise.

Agile working reduces unnecessary meetings since every task set is planned in blocks at the start of the week. The teams can then monitor how well they are meeting the set objectives. This method offers employees a great incentive to fulfil goals.

Maximising workplace productivity will help to increase your company’s bottom line and there are many other ways to achieve this.

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