How to introduce lean management techniques in the workplace

Posted by Tiffany Leung on 31 May


Lean management techniques

Many business owners and senior managers are accepting of the principles of lean management. They may even have exercised some lean management strategies as part of their current policies, without realising it. But when it comes to the implementation of a series of lean management techniques with the potential to revolutionise their organisation's operation procedures, they are left stumped. We take a closer look at some of the best ways to implement lean management and the ways in which we can start reaping the benefits of being lean in the workplace.

1. Self-assessment

For successful business process improvement and continued growth 'Introspection' is required, especially when seeking to implement a lean management strategy. If your business is involved in the production of goods, from the manufacturing of food to making machinery in a factory, you can begin your lean operations by looking to cut out waste. Use self-assessment to understand exactly what your facility needs and what it doesn't, and then go about eliminating waste as much as possible.

2. Quash excess

Whether you operate in an office, factory or typically work on the move, removing or minimising your organisation of excess is a crucial element of creating a lean operation. If something is not being used enough or at all, to justify the expense or space it is occupying - it is time to think about ditching it. But it's not just about tangible items if certain tasks are taking longer than expected review it to eliminate inefficiencies.

3. Choosing the right software solution

So much of what we do in business is now made easier by computer technology. And if we aren't using digital means to save time and money, there is a big chance that we are missing an opportunity to implement lean business practice. For this reason, selecting the right business management system provides a huge benefit; especially if the chosen system is closely aligned with your industry, as you can benefit from industry-specific functions, and some of your partners might use it, too. Also, look out for scalability because if you experience rapid growth as an organisation, it will be an advantage to operate a business system which can accommodate this progress and flex to your requirements. 

4. Company-wide engagement

The introduction of a leaner business management system into any organisation might run into some difficulties if you think it can be fully implemented single-handedly. You are going to need the buy-in of the whole organisation in order to improve productivity, and this means enough meetings to clarify ideas, and an invitation to all employees to help with problem-solving and suggest lean strategies. After all, these are the personnel who work on the frontlines, so nobody is more likely to know how costs can be saved or where the issues are more than them. It is vital to have a big input from your team.

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