Managing contract manufacturing with an ERP system

Posted by Stephen Whitehouse on 17 May

Having an ERP system can help your manufacturing business with transformation and integration as well as allowing you to scale your business. ERP streamlines company processes by implementing accounting, order management, supply chain and many more areas of a business into one manageable system. This makes it the perfect choice for manufacturers that are looking to consolidate existing systems into a single space, which allows for scaling your business and improvement of processes.

Benefits of managing contract manufacturing with an ERP system

When it comes to contract manufacturing, an integrated ERP system can have a number of benefits which is not limited to just having one system to run and maintain. A connected and intuitive system as it would help you manage a range of activities from manufacturing schedules as well as customer contracts, inventory and complex supply chains.

There are many software solutions out there and they come in many different shapes and sizes. But a non-modular ERP system can help you manage your manufacturing business and potentially cost less than managing multiple systems.  ERP will also allow all departments of a company to share the same information on the same database, which will cut out the need to contact other departments or hunting around to try and obtain the most recent information.

For contract manufacturers with so many different orders to fulfil and often with specific requirements, ERP systems can increase productivity and dramatically improve efficiency over the business by streamlining production management as well as the manufacturing process.

With the right manufacturing system, you will gain the adaptability needed to manage different jobs, take full advantage of new revenue opportunities as well as having the opportunity to provide a better level of customer service to your clients. Being able to respond to a customer queries and orders both quickly and reliably will always go down well with clients and will increase the likelihood of repeat business - which is something you simply can't compromise on if you want to run a successful business.

Managing the system

However, having an ERP system does not mean the work is all done for you. When you choose to make an investment in this kind of system, you will also need to invest time into making it work and ensuring that accurate and up to date data is always entered into the system. An effective system will always depend on correct data.

The system will need to be maintained, making sure it is running the latest version and on a sound IT infrastructure to minimise risks. An ERP system contains virtually all of the data a company has, including sensitive data of employees and clients, meaning you always have to keep the security up to date to prevent any breaches. Contract manufacturers will be able to safely and securely store contract information all in one place.

Any system will always require security updates and maintenance, but an ERP system will allow you to cut costs by only maintaining a single system.

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