Will ERP software improve my manufacture to order company?

Posted by Stephen Whitehouse on 9 Sep


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a crucial component of any successful manufacture to order organisation. Whether you're looking to fine-tune job costing for better balanced books, or ensure full process transparency and order traceability, ERP software offers flexible and cost-effective management solutions for a variety of business functions.


In the highly competitive manufacture to order environment, traditional business applications and older systems can severely hinder a smaller organisation's success. Integrated ERP software not only efficiently monitors performance and productivity with real-time data, it also helps an organisation identify and address existing concerns and areas of loss. With clear and concise reporting, ERP software can be effectively optimised to help manufacture to order firms track and analyse the information that's most important to them.

Cost-Effective and Time Efficient

ERP software helps eliminate unnecessary man-hours spent on manual processes, an indispensable asset for small to medium sized manufacture to order firms. Automating processes helps employers redistribute their work force more effectively, capitalising on a high-skill resource previously designated to less lucrative ventures.

While more traditional standalone applications generally require less planning and investment, a successful ERP system integration can revolutionise communication within a company. For small to medium sized manufacturers and distribution firms, this ease of access to real-time reporting and information can help make huge leaps in efficiency. ERP systems can track KPIs across all departments and business functions, giving business owners and decision-makers enhanced visibility across every process.

Flexible Systems, Centrally Managed

Smaller manufacture to order companies might be reluctant to adapt to a new system, but as ERP software integration becomes the norm and the industry becomes more competitive, it is pivotal firms keep up with the latest innovations and developments in ERP.

ERP software can be tailor-made to accommodate the specific needs and requirements of any business, providing up to the minute reporting to a Unified Database. Access rights can be as restricted or open as you require, giving key decision-makers and stakeholders a transparent view of operations. As the times and requirements of the market change, so does ERP software. The best ERP systems are designed to accommodate this, providing flexible development for software to grow with your business.

Advanced Planning

ERP software can yield big results with little investment. Manufacturers can help reduce their inventory and materials costs with the right ERP software, with systems tailor-made to forecast for customer demand. Once peak arrives, ERP software helps streamline operations and keep production on track, synchronising departments with instant communication. Issues in the order and manufacturing processes can be immediately identified and dealt with, ensuring deadlines are met and deliveries are honoured without incident.

With automated scheduling derived from accurate reporting, ERP software helps companies make the most of their resources, reduce waste and free up revenue. ERP software helps manufacturers staff to capacity for peaks in production, whilst maintaining an accurate audit of materials to ensure every order can be fulfilled.

Eliminate Human Error

Human error can prove a killer for smaller business. Ensure accurate reporting down to the last detail with fully integrated ERP software. Erroneous data can easily across every department within an organisation, keeping an accurate oversight of materials and inventory, operations, sales and marketing, and production itself.

Automating order processing and giving users complete transparency of the order supply chain, ensuring prompt delivery of goods and services to customers, and allowing manufacturers to be as responsive as possible.

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