How Business Management Software Can Boost Your Business

Posted by Stephen Whitehouse on 21 Jun


WinMan Business Management SoftwareAs small and medium sized businesses grow they can become complex and hard to manage. Accounting, purchasing, human resources, manufacturing, R&D and marketing; the task of linking communication and information between these departments can be difficult and could hinder business performance.

By bringing all of your business processes together and using one business management software such as ERP, managers can get a grip on all of their firm’s operations. They can see at a glance sales figures, production schedules and inventory levels. By seeing all the information on one system issues can be seen and addressed quickly.

Here are some more advantages of introducing an ERP or business management software across all the departments within your company. 

Business Management Software Can Help Manage Your Warehousing Operations

Warehousing is not something that just “happens”. It needs to be tightly linked to materials sourcing, manufacturing facilities and distribution departments. Firms need to be able to pick orders quickly and keep the right stock levels in place to meet demand, without over-producing.

With business management software in place, you can take control of your warehousing systems. You will know exactly what is in stock, and whether you are meeting customer demands effectively. That way, you can cut back on waste and keep customers happy at the same time.

Link Your Production Systems to eCommerce Sites

Many companies now sell a high proportion of their goods online, but linking eCommerce platforms to physical plant and distribution systems isn’t always a simple matter. With business management packages, you can create a seamless link between your online ordering platform, warehouse and production line. Customers can receive accurate information about stock levels, and sales staff can be directly connected to technicians, enabling them to provide higher quality customer support.

Create A Slick Retail Operation

Business management software can also help to create customer-friendly retail operations that are connected to every other aspect of your business. Sales reporting and stock analysis can be carried out in real time, ensuring that products are available when clients need them.

If you invest in a system that comes with a comprehensive CRM function (Customer Relationship Management), it will help manage your relationships with clients, where the team can actively keep in contact with customers to encourage repeat purchases.

Achieve Precision Control of Manufacturing Processes

MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) is a key element of business management software, and it can revolutionise the way small and medium manufacturers work. Using scanners and touch screen technology, shopfloor staff can communicate with managers and operation staff with ease.

Managers can model resource and cash flows in real time with Gant charts and tables, and the whole system can be optimised along Lean Manufacturing lines. The result is usually heightened efficiency, more skilled staff and far less waste.

Keep Track of Your Business Finances

A solid accounting department is the foundation of a well-run business, and business management systems make this achievable for any company. The clear GUIs included in WinMan ERP Software allows managers to drill down into every single transaction and call up weekly, monthly and annual figures for the whole company.

Compliance with tax regimes can be made easier, with automation functions for key reporting milestones. Every department can be linked together as well, with transparent, inter-linked budgets. It all helps firms retain close awareness and control of overall spending.

These are just some of the advantages of installing a business management software. If you would like to find out more, about our manufacturing and distribution ERP Software contact WinMan today.


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