ERP Software and Business Strategy - Using ERP as the Beneficial Business Strategy

Posted by Stephen Whitehouse on 20 Jun


As a small to medium sized manufacturer, is your business strategy driven by clear, comprehensive and timely information? If you're not using effective enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, the answer's probably no.

That means you are running at less than maximum efficiency, and that's not smart in these hyper-competitive times. Whether you are a new enterprise or ready to upgrade your existing enterprise resource planning setup, read on to discover the benefits of having the right ERP software. It can empower you to shape, execute and guide a beneficial business strategy and gain that vital competitive advantage. 

How Does ERP Work?  erpsoftwareandbusinessstrategy

ERP is a system that lets you plan and optimise your entire business through the collection, storage, interpretation and analysis of vital data. This includes both internal data from production, finance and accounting, HR, purchasing and billing, sales and marketing and so on, as well as from external stakeholders such as your suppliers, customers and partners. ERP software aggregates and processes this data unlocking its value, and putting you in the driver's seat.

Using ERP effectively gives you the edge you need to create and implement strategy and structural reforms. At the strategic level, ERP can help you develop new markets, product ideas and manufacturing processes.

Reforms can include identifying opportunities for automation, improving workflow, and implementing lean manufacturing processes. You gain from enhanced productivity which translates into lower costs and ultimately an improved bottom line.

ERP Software for Strategic Planning

Strategic planning involves creating a blueprint for your company's future. In today's complex business environment, you need the right knowledge to properly develop strategy and that's what ERP gives you. Imagine developing a new product launch armed with a precise knowledge of unit costs, projected demand in various market sectors, raw materials costs for the foreseeable future, and labour cost and availability. ERP software can provide you with such vital data enabling you to make informed decisions, manage your daily operations, and develop and implement strategy with confidence.

ERP for Strategic Execution and Management

Armed with key data garnered from ERP, management can setup an entire manufacturing process that's optimised at every level. The system also keeps all key players constantly informed and updated with all the information they need to make the right management decisions and implement, control and optimise strategic policy. With a single reporting system in place, everything happens with total transparency, and with this clarity, management procedures are streamlined and costs are lowered.

After execution, ERP helps you keep on top of things, which is important in today's volatile business environment. Market conditions change - prices rise, new competitors enter the market, new regulation affect operations and so on. However, the enterprise-wide knowledge and communication system driven by ERP software seamlessly and instantly update all decision makers and empowers them to make appropriate choices in a timely and informed manner.

ERP at the Heart of Business Strategy

Ultimately the strategy of a manufacturing company must focus on satisfying customers by producing quality products at the cheapest cost and bringing them to market on time and at the optimal price. With the power of the right ERP software working for you, you'll be able to do just that.

Whether you are just starting or you're upgrading an existing system, ERP is the key to your success. Just be sure to choose an ERP solutions provider with vision, a proven track record, and the commitment to work with you to provide the system that's just right for your business.

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