ERP Software

WinMan is a powerful ERP Software solution aimed specifically at the manufacturing and distribution sectors. Covering all aspects of Manufacturing, Distribution, CRM, Financials and associated functions, WinMan has been developed from the ground up as an integrated business system for forward thinking enterprises.

WinMan utilises the very latest Microsoft .NET technology and is developed to n-tier standards using 100% .NET managed code. In tandem with the Microsoft SQL Server database environment and all associated Microsoft tools, WinMan provides a very powerful and leading-edge solution. Originally developed in 1993, WinMan was one of the world’s first Windows-based ERP systems. Our recent redevelopment and subsequent release in .NET reinforce our position as technological pioneers and prove our dedication to keeping our customers competitive with the latest advances in business systems.

Increasing pressure on UK industry has meant that the survivors have had to adapt to the changing business landscape. Customers are demanding more choice, lower cost and higher quality. Lean Manufacturing and Lean Supply Chain are no longer just buzzwords; adoption of these principles is becoming essential to the survival of UK manufacturers and distributors.

Rather than adopting an ‘either/or’ approach to integrating Lean into the supply chain, WinMan adopts a ‘both/and’ approach, recognising the value of integrating both contemporary and traditional methodologies. WinMan is extremely effective with either push or pull techniques or a mixture of both. WinMan distribution and manufacturing software also incorporates fully integral financials and customer relationship management (CRM) and is specifically aimed at both small and medium-sized companies typically requiring between 5 & 500 concurrent users.

WinMan ERP software is inherently flexible and also functionally rich. We have customers in and full functionality for the following industries:

Aerospace Automotive Defence
Electronics Instrumentation Medical
Food Chemical Textiles & Yarns
Machinery Furniture Windows & Doors
Fabrications FMCG Plastics
…and many more