WinMan Leaders appoint Senior Management Team to accelerate user focus

Posted by Harpreet Suree on 1 Nov


Digital transformation is the key trend, which has been heavily accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, driving the implementation of end-to-end, centrally controlled, business management systems and processes. The team at WinMan ERP understands that taking the decision to review, assess or even make the initial step forward to scoping an ERP project is a significant undertaking.

However, our references often tell us that moving from antiquated, hard to track or manual process heavy systems, to an all-encompassing system that offers seamless integration between departments, and facilities, is one of the best business decisions they have ever made.

With the very ethos of WinMan ERP centred around continuously evolving, delivering high quality technical development and superior customer support – we have started our own internal journey to apply, the methodologies we help our customers embed in their organisations, to our processes within WinMan ERP.


How did we get here?

Established in 1994, WinMan ERP is a UK and US based technology solution provider focused on helping a range of businesses, across all major sectors, improve their operational processes, productivity, and efficiencies.

WinMan’s Leadership Team is comprised of five industry experts, who have led and driven the business to where it is today:

  • Jon Davies
  • Graeme Brummitt
  • Nick Jacobs
  • Jon Wood
  • Kim Droessler

Currently, over 50% of WinMan’s resources are focused on highly skilled, continued development of the ERP system and customer support services. As business improvement sits at the heart of what we do, we wanted to share how we are applying our best practice to enhance WinMan ERP further.


What does the plan look like?

The Board Team, who are still very much engaged in the business, have appointed a Senior Management Team, comprising of the operational department Heads to develop, prioritise and implement business improvement projects across WinMan to accelerate customer and user focused updates to how we operate.

The current cycle of work is focused on immediate updates to process, revamp performance metrics and to identify a list of key initiatives designed to build on the rich brand and reputation WinMan ERP has already established in the software service solutions market.

We have also begun speaking with both our internal and external stakeholders to ensure your inputs and suggestions are considered. Project teams are being set up for the first initiatives and we will continue to advise where we need your valuable inputs.

Our aim is to keep you updated on progress at defined milestones, so you can start to benefit from this ongoing and dedicated programme of work.

WinMan is focused on supporting digitalised business management solutions so please get in touch to discuss further.

Best wishes,
From your SMT team.

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