Software House Launches WinMan Go to help Businesses Streamline Operations on the Move

Posted by Jonathan Davies on 7 Mar



7th March 2016, software firm WinMan announced the release of WinMan Go, an intuitive extension to their comprehensive ERP software. It is a multi-platform application that can run on iOS and Android devices allowing users to access data within their business management system anywhere.

This unique addition to the WinMan ERP solution will seamlessly connect users to the core system using the internet, regardless of their location. It will allow employees to access real-time data as well as carry out transactions remotely. Remote workers will be able to use the intuitive app to initiate emails and phones calls from the application. 

Other functionalities will include stock management where Warehouse Managers will be able to use a portable device that links with the core ERP system limiting the need for printed documents in the warehouse, for pick and pack, stock taking and put away processes. The application can also pull data from the system to create specified business reports for departmental managers.

Nick Jacobs, Technical Director of WinMan commented “We have been extensively developing the WinMan software to cater for the changing business needs of manufacturers and distributors, with mobility being one of them. WinMan Go app is flexible and scalable and will link with the core system acting as an extension, to provide real-time business data on mobile devices. Once connected to the internet, whether users are office or home-based the application will provide users with functionalities such as CRM, Stock Management, Work Management and Reporting.”

Jonathan Davies, Sales Director of WinMan added “We develop WinMan Go to help user’s consolidate disparate systems. This new application will be a cost-effective and efficient way for businesses to extend their core ERP system in the back office to other areas of the business like the warehouse and shopfloor without the need to purchase full desktop licenses.”

He continued “The last 12 months has been an exciting time for WinMan, we have achieved steady growth, opened a new office in the US and expanded the team in the UK. With key launches and developments planned in our product roadmap we aim to continue with this trend in 2016”.

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