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How Does Lean Manufacturing Work?

Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing has become a craze amongst manufacturing firms across the world, but what is it exactly and how can your firm integrate its ideas into your practices?


How to Learn Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing

Nowadays, if you are a successful manufacturing company, your operations have to be lean. Where in the past, firms might have been able to survive with wasteful supply chains, poor...


Difference Between Lean Manufacturing and Mass Production

Lean Manufacturing

There are generally two principles of production for most manufacturing companies. If you are a manager of such a manufacturing business, your biggest concern is how to address the...


Lean Manufacturing Pros and Cons

Lean Manufacturing

Many managers of manufacturing companies face the challenge of determining whether to employ Lean Manufacturing or Mass Production methods in their processing plants. While most of...


Five Principles of Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is extremely common in the manufacturing industry. Its use is aimed at efficient use of resources and production of high-quality products. A unique feature about...


Lean Manufacturing Case Studies

Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is a management technique which seeks to use the smallest possible amount of resources for the biggest gain.

It entails making production processes as efficient...


What Are the Principles of Lean Manufacturing?


Understanding the principles of 'lean' is key to being able to make use of them in any organisation. There are countless lean manufacturing case studies that suggest following the...


Understanding the Benefits of Lean Manufacturing

ERP Software

While every company aims at making profits, there are great disparities when their financial reports are published. Mostly, companies record minor growth in profit. However, those...

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