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The Automotive industry is fast-moving and growing due to increasing customer demand. Both automotive manufacturers and suppliers are faced with the dilemma of growing product ranges, keeping up with technology advancements and achieving the best production yield in order to remain competitive within a global marketplace.
ERP systems used within this industry need to be flexible and agile while providing supply chain management with full traceability and transparency.  


Key WinMan ERP Features

Customer and Supplier Management

Automotive manufacturers, suppliers and distributors can integrate WinMan ERP software with a web-based portal where customers can place orders, print invoices, track shipments and log queries. Users will be able to quickly log conversations and documents with both customers and suppliers within the system against the relevant company record.


WinMan ERP can automate the exchange of documents such as purchase orders, invoices, and shipping notes. It can improve accuracy and eliminate the need for users to re-key in data.


Purchase Order & Replenishment

WinMan facilitates forward replenishment using both managed forecast and average usage data. All purchases can be methodically traced from the initial purchase order to the point of reselling the goods. Real-time data captured through modern devices combined with the MRP functionality will provide Purchase Managers with clear supply and demand information. Advanced Kanban facilities can visually control regularly purchased items.

Logistics and Distribution

Integrated tools to assist manufacturers with distribution tasks such as automatic creation of packing lists and delivery notes, sending pre-configured EDI's to customers, and organizing pre-defined delivery routes and specific route planning. The advanced warehouse management (WMS) tool optimizes warehouse and resource efficiency. Warehouse managers can use hand held devices to receive goods, move inventory and check stock quantities allowing users from all areas of the business will be able to access up-to-date inventory information.

Complete Lean Thinking

WinMan ERP will help manufacturers minimize inefficiencies in design, production, distribution, sales and customer service processes. Automating EDI, introducing workflows within processes and improving inventory management will streamline productivity and save time.

For more than ten years, the highly functional and versatile WinMan ERP system has provided the cornerstone for our successful growth, and we are particularly proud to have grown to become no.1 in the UK marketplace by supplying our acclaimed steel access covers and grilles which are 100% British made. WinMan is as important to us as ever, now that we are aiming our innovative products not only at the home market but also at foreign countries planning serious investment in new infrastructure.

Fabweld Steel Products

The single, integrated business system makes our life easier in many ways. We felt from the start that WinMan is more intuitive in its operation than other systems. Vitally it allows me to monitor my business – take its temperature – at any time by providing live data across all operations and generating reports that can be fine-tuned to meet any demands. By viewing the live data, we can immediately identify which areas may be causing bottlenecks or other problems and hence where additional planning and resources are required.


Our WinMan ERP system allows me to directly and quickly access the management information I need to run the business – real-time reporting of key performance indicators such as operating efficiencies and deliveries. Vitally, more consistent pricing gives a truer margin on the work we perform. Meanwhile the system has supported our company’s strategy of investment for growth and its ability to meet delivery promises, hence strengthening its reputation in the marketplace as a reliable and trustworthy supplier. An accurate delivery date to the nearest day can now be assigned by our sales administration staff within half-an-hour of an order being placed. We proudly meet over 99% of those dates.


As a director of the business it was important to me that the system we implemented not only met our functional requirements, but also came from a supplier that was prepared to take on single source responsibility. Of all of the companies we evaluated, WinMan were the only one that ticked all the boxes.


The underlying advantage of WinMan for Meadowmead was its flexibility and the ease with which it could be tailored to suit the company’s specific needs.


Automotive manufacturers can benefit from our comprehensive ERP solution as it has a wide range of built-in features. Contact us today for more information. 

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