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For Complete Food Safety, Compliance and Traceability 

The Food and Beverage industry is divided into a number of segments, but they all have similar challenges such as food safety, compliance regulations, changes in consumer demands, and the rising cost of energy and raw materials. With all of these factors at play, it is important to keep a close eye on productivity, performance, and costs. WinMan ERP software can help companies within the food and beverages sector streamline operations and increase productivity while still maintaining compliance.

Key WinMan Food Safety Management System Features

Good Manufacturing Practices

WinMan ERP software helps companies track and maintain consistent high quality and compliance throughout all manufacturing processes to ensure industry standards such as BRC, ISO and FDA are met.

Batch Production and Traceability

Can support both physical 'Master Batch Records' and electronic batch cards, making the manufacturing process paperless. Raw materials can be allocated a serial number when delivered, which can then be logged and tracked on the batch records throughout the process. 


Production Planning

Effective tool for Production Managers to plan manufacturing jobs, optimize resources available and eliminate waste. Purchase managers can utilize the data within the production schedule to carry out just-in-time or Kanban purchasing.

Raw Materials and Inventory Management

WinMan ERP provides full traceability of raw materials. Using the lot and serial number tracking features the shelf-life and expiry dates of raw materials can be monitored and managed efficiently. By using production schedule against inventory data, stock levels can be kept to a minimum to avoid an impact on cash flow.

Relationship Management

Platform to assist with building and maintaining new and existing customers, suppliers and partners. Users will be able to obtain account history, contact information and any special pricing or account conditions with just a few clicks. 


Document and work management functionality will provide a platform to save all employees’ training information and certificates. Managers can view this information and develop tailored training plans for staff.

Vulnerability management and traceability is integral for meeting compliance laws and regulations within the food and beverage industry. The ability for distributors and manufacturers to track and trace every element often provides more than sufficient evidence for food quality accreditations such as BRC, ISO, GaMP and FDA. 

For more than ten years, the highly functional and versatile WinMan ERP system has provided the cornerstone for our successful growth, and we are particularly proud to have grown to become no.1 in the UK marketplace by supplying our acclaimed steel access covers and grilles which are 100% British made. WinMan is as important to us as ever, now that we are aiming our innovative products not only at the home market but also at foreign countries planning serious investment in new infrastructure.

Fabweld Steel Products

The single, integrated business system makes our life easier in many ways. We felt from the start that WinMan is more intuitive in its operation than other systems. Vitally it allows me to monitor my business – take its temperature – at any time by providing live data across all operations and generating reports that can be fine-tuned to meet any demands. By viewing the live data, we can immediately identify which areas may be causing bottlenecks or other problems and hence where additional planning and resources are required.


Our WinMan ERP system allows me to directly and quickly access the management information I need to run the business – real-time reporting of key performance indicators such as operating efficiencies and deliveries. Vitally, more consistent pricing gives a truer margin on the work we perform. Meanwhile the system has supported our company’s strategy of investment for growth and its ability to meet delivery promises, hence strengthening its reputation in the marketplace as a reliable and trustworthy supplier. An accurate delivery date to the nearest day can now be assigned by our sales administration staff within half-an-hour of an order being placed. We proudly meet over 99% of those dates.


As a director of the business it was important to me that the system we implemented not only met our functional requirements, but also came from a supplier that was prepared to take on single source responsibility. Of all of the companies we evaluated, WinMan were the only one that ticked all the boxes.


The underlying advantage of WinMan for Meadowmead was its flexibility and the ease with which it could be tailored to suit the company’s specific needs.


WinMan ERP is the ideal Food Safety Management system because it provides a wide range of tools for GMP compliance, full traceability and flexibility. For more information on our food and beverages manufacturing and distribution software solution download our brochure or contact us today.  

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Our ERP solution strongly compliments Good Automated Manufacturing Practices and it is configurable.
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