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As authors and distributors, with extensive experience and expertise WinMan ERP Software is a highly scalable and leading class business solution for a broad range of manufacturing, supply chain, distribution, pharmaceutical companies - and the perfect choice for companies implementing a Lean strategy. 

It is a leading and scalable ERP solution with a low cost of ownership as it is built on 100% .Net and SQL Server system - making it configurable and suitable for a broad range of companies. We have a strong focus on continuous improvement and progressive development, striving to help businesses and organisations streamline existing processes, improve business productivity and maximise ROI with the WinMan ERP solution. 

With a worldwide user base, WinMan has hundreds of active users worldwide and offices within the UK and US. Our ethos is to listen and understand your business needs so, we can work together with you to implement the best configurations and provide the continued support.

WinMan ERP Software About Us

Our Aims

  • Help customers maximise the potential benefits of the software
  • Work in partnership and strive for excellence throughout the entire customer journey
  • Fully understand each of our customer's business needs and configure the WinMan solution to match
  • Provide high levels of service and on-going support
  • Build strong and long-lasting relationships by working in collaboration with customers, suppliers, business partners and employees.

Our fully integrated ERP solution is intuitive and easy to use and operate. It provides comprehensive functionality to enable support of the management needs across a broad range of manufacturing, supply chain and distribution sectors.

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WinMan ERP is a flexible and scalable all-in-one solution. For more information, download our brochure today.

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