WinMan Enables Lean Manufacturing

Lantech Case Study

WinMan ERP Helping Lantech Achieve Their Lean Objectives

Founded in 1972, Lantech's mission is to reduce or eliminate the risk of shipping damage that occurs as products make their way from the manufacturers to their destination. 

The existing information systems at the time of Lantech’s conversion to Lean Manufacturing simply would not support the new processes under consideration and would prevent Lantech from achieving its objectives for improvements in product design, manufacture, product quality and delivery.

Key Benefits

  • WinMan ERP supports the fundamental principles of 'Lean Manufacturing'.
  • Seamless link to selected suppliers with external Kanban. 
  • Automation of cell manufacturing with point of use material flow. 
  • Support for make-to-order and engineer-to-order processing.
  • Product configurator. 
Lantech Manufacturers ERP Software Case Study

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