Self Service Portals - What are the Benefits?

Posted by Stephen Whitehouse on 22 Oct


ERP Software self service portalFully integrated self-service portals for customer purchases, ordering and tracking functions forms part of a modern approach to successful and effective business transactions.  Marketing research indicates that today's consumers prefer easy access to a company website that saves them time and creates a pleasant atmosphere. 

Ordering, tracking purchases, submitting returns, making queries or obtaining information can all be achieved using a fully automated self-service portal.

An automated portal removes the need for detailed telephone conversations, requests for documentation and queries about returns.

ERP software using dedicated self-service portals features a host of customer benefits and provides every client with access to a comprehensive support facility, access to previous sales orders, an invoice listing and support tickets from the businesses which are being utilised and access to a knowledge base using the latest in online technology, 24-7.

ERP Software Systems

A self-service portal features links to the supplier's ERP software system. A self-service portal means that customers have complete 24-7, global and secure access to the business functions they require, making doing business substantially easier and more efficient.

The Benefits of Using a Self Service Portal with ERP Software Automation

Self-service portals allow each client greater control over purchasing, interactive access to the status of orders, tracking and return facilities without having to try and get hold of the right person via email or phone. This empowers the client and promotes customer satisfaction.

In addition, using a self-service portal means having constant access from anywhere in the world, and having full online access when it's required to assist in dealing with delays and returns.

Self-service portals allow customers access to back office support functions such as helpdesks and forums to assist them in answering their questions, detailing any dissatisfaction and receiving task-oriented help. Queries may be logged simply without the delays of using telephone or e-mail services.

A self-service platform allows customers to update profiles, view order histories, check the progress of an order or place orders 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Gaining access to information is simplified using a self-service portal.  Marketing, press releases, new developments and product information can easily be shared using the online platform, allowing relevant and time sensitive information to reach the client.

Integrated ERP Software System

Enterprise resource planning or "ERP" software helps mesh customer and company functions in an easy to use database.  Featuring a database which is fully integrated with ERP software to create a comprehensive, fully automated link between the needs of the customer and the company's in-house functions, ERP software acts as the link between the client interface and back office company functions creating a circular system where the sales function organised and automatically executed.

Integrated ERP software applications are used to manage a range of business functions including sales, product planning and development, manufacturing and marketing and financial systems.

How Secure is a Self Service Portal?

Of paramount importance to consumers is the safety of their online data and personal details such as bank account, social security and contact details. Security measures to protect valuable personal information form an integral part of self-service systems and make them not only convenient, but safe to use for today's safety conscious clients. Website security is critical to ensure a stress-free purchasing experience. 

Linked to state-of-the-art ERP software programmes, portals dramatically alter the speed and efficiency with which business management functions interface with client data and protect the needs and concerns of both parties, creating a fully functional and integrated system which benefits both. 

ERP software solutions combined with self-service portals make daily business functions simple to execute, track and document. They can vastly reduce both inbound and outbound calls especially at peak times during the day. Challenging economic times for businesses and individuals alike make it essential to implement and maintain cost effective strategies which go a long way towards a secure, stress-free and solution oriented customer service facility.

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